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Corporate Gift Boxes For Any Occasion consist of (4) 1lb packages individually wrapped.

Corporate Gift Program

This year, show your clients or employees the appreciation they deserve with a unique gift they will savor. Our corporate gifts provide a handcrafted taste of the past to be shared with friends and family over the holidays. Each corporate gift box contains four one-pound, vacuum sealed packages of dry cured, hickory smoked bacon in a temperature controlled, custom printed Black Sheep Bacon Company holiday box. Also included in the gift box are: your corporate message on customized card stock, along with a description of our unique bacon and cooking instructions. Simply provide names, addresses, and your custom message at checkout and we take care of the rest. Give the gift of bacon this year!

Our corporate gift boxes are $60.00 each, plus shipping and handling. Custom printed boxes with your company’s logo are available on orders of 25 units or more. Call for details!

*For Customers Gifting to Multiple Recipients: To ship a Corporate Gift Box to multiple recipients, select the total number of gift boxes you will be sending below.


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Black Sheep Bacon is dry cured, smoked over a real hardwood fire, the same bacon your great grandfather would remember.

Black Sheep Bacon FAQ’s

Can I find Black Sheep Bacon in grocery stores?
A: Black Sheep Bacon is only available at our store and through our website. 

Does Black Sheep have a storefront I can visit?
A: Yes! We’re located at 7140 Warren-Sharon Road, Brookfield, OH. We’re open Wednesday through Friday, 11am-6pm. 

How soon will my bacon ship after I place my order?
A: Since our product is perishable, during warmer months bacon will only ship Monday or Tuesday, unless you are within one day’s transit time or have paid for expedited shipping. If your order is placed after Tuesday A.M., it will ship the following Monday or Tuesday. 

How will my bacon ship after ordering?
A: Your bacon will ship in dry ice to keep it fresh. You can thaw your bacon in the refrigerator, or keep it in the freezer for later!

Does Black Sheep make different “flavors” of bacon?
A: Our bacon uses only natural ingredients – no artificial flavors or colors. So Black Sheep Bacon has a deeper, more nuanced flavor that you’ll never find in supermarket bacon, which needs more flavoring to cover up an ultimately bland product. 

What’s the best way to cook Black Sheep Bacon?
A: You can cook Black Sheep Bacon like you would cook any bacon – start it in a cold skillet on the stove, or bake it in the oven. 

Where does Black Sheep source the pork for its bacon?
A: Quality is number one, so we purchase our pork from several sources to ensure we’re getting the best for our bacon. 

How long will my Black Sheep Bacon stay good in the refrigerator?
A: It will stay fresh until the “use by” date on the package. 

Can I freeze my dry cured Black Sheep Bacon?
A: Of course! Our bacon comes in vacuum sealed packaging, so it’s perfect for stocking up the freezer.

2 reviews for Corporate Gift Boxes

  1. Dan R.

    I never imagined how much better authentic, dry-cured bacon could be. When opening the package, the smell alone makes it clear this isn’t your average bacon. Compared to the supermarket stuff I was used to, Black Sheep is on another level. They’ve got a customer for life.

  2. Quenton C

    When I first tried Black Sheep Bacon I was blown away by the unique flavor and very thick cut. I don’t think I can ever go back to the stuff I used to get. Black Sheep is the best in the game!

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Shipping to Multiple Recipients

**Attention** Corporate Gift Boxes are SOLD OUT for the 2022 Holiday Gifting Season! Regular Boxes still available for purchase with guaranteed delivery on all orders placed before 12/12!