Black Sheep Bacon Company

A Taste of What Bacon Once Was

Our bacon provides a taste of what bacon once was. Before refrigeration, families relied upon packing meat in a dry mixture of salt and sugar to pull moisture out of the meat as a way to preserve what they raised themselves for the times ahead. After a time, the residual dry cure was washed away and the meat was hung in a homemade smokehouse to be bathed in smoke from a fire of local hardwood. The result was a shelf-stable product, complex and rich in flavor. Over time, the bacon we buy at the store today has become a shadow of what the American family crafted themselves 100 years ago.

Take the time to savor the flavor and experience of Black Sheep Bacon — bacon like it once was.

– Bill Strimbu, Founder

Learn All The Secrets Behind Our Old-Fashioned, Hickory-Smoked, Dry-Cured Bacon