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Experience bacon the way it once was! Black Sheep Bacon is made from the finest pork bellies, from the fnest hogs available. We make sure our meat has the perfect combination of lean and fat. Our bacon bursts with a rich, tantalizing flavor infused with caraway, garlic and herbs with the sweetness of maple sugar.

Our hands-on dry curing process is what gives Black Sheep Bacon its unique character. We prefer making bacon the old fashioned way with salt, herbs, and time. There are some other ingredients too, but we can’t give away too many secrets! We don’t inject brines or use spray-on smoke flavor on our pork bellies. When you buy Black Sheep Bacon, you’re buying meat, not water, so our bacon doesn’t shrivel up in the pan!

After a week’s worth of dry curing, the pork bellies go into our smoker. You won’t find us using wood chips or sawdust, which can be way too harsh. At Black Sheep Bacon, we do our smoking over real split hickory wood harvested from our family farm. Then they get cut into beautiful thick slices, ready to be cooked up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether you like it with eggs, on sandwiches, or extra crispy, you owe it to yourself to try bacon from the old days!

This procedure is what sets us apart from other brands. We aren’t corporate bacon; we take as much time as the bacon needs to be delicions. That’s what it’s all about. You can taste all of that time that we put in our bacon. It’s a taste your great grandfather would recognize. Order Black Sheep Bacon today!


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Black Sheep Bacon is dry cured, smoked over a real hardwood fire, the same bacon your great grandfather would remember.

Black Sheep Bacon FAQ’s

Can I find Black Sheep Bacon in grocery stores?
A: Black Sheep Bacon is only available at our store and through our website. 

Does Black Sheep have a storefront I can visit?
A: Yes! We’re located at 7140 Warren-Sharon Road, Brookfield, OH. We’re open Wednesday through Friday, 11am-6pm. 

How soon will my bacon ship after I place my order?
A: Since our product is perishable, during warmer months bacon will only ship Monday or Tuesday, unless you are within one day’s transit time or have paid for expedited shipping. If your order is placed after Tuesday A.M., it will ship the following Monday or Tuesday. 

How will my bacon ship after ordering?
A: Your bacon will ship in dry ice to keep it fresh. You can thaw your bacon in the refrigerator, or keep it in the freezer for later!

Does Black Sheep make different “flavors” of bacon?
A: Our bacon uses only natural ingredients – no artificial flavors or colors. So Black Sheep Bacon has a deeper, more nuanced flavor that you’ll never find in supermarket bacon, which needs more flavoring to cover up an ultimately bland product. 

What’s the best way to cook Black Sheep Bacon?
A: You can cook Black Sheep Bacon like you would cook any bacon – start it in a cold skillet on the stove, or bake it in the oven. 

Where does Black Sheep source the pork for its bacon?
A: Quality is number one, so we purchase our pork from several sources to ensure we’re getting the best for our bacon. 

How long will my Black Sheep Bacon stay good in the refrigerator?
A: It will stay fresh until the “use by” date on the package. 

Can I freeze my dry cured Black Sheep Bacon?
A: Of course! Our bacon comes in vacuum sealed packaging, so it’s perfect for stocking up the freezer.

7 reviews for Black Sheep Bacon

  1. T.J.M.

    Best bacon around hands-down. I grew up on a farm butchering our own pigs and cutting our own bacon. And that doesn’t even compare to this.

  2. Anthony C.

    I didn’t realize what I was missing out on until I had Black Sheep Bacon. The flavor and the size of the bacon is a lot better than any other bacon I’ve had before

  3. Derick M

    Can’t recommend this enough. It will change your life. I’m totally convinced that this is the absolute pinnacle of bacon.

  4. Aida E

    I received your bacon as a gift and it’s delicious. I’ll be placing another order.

  5. Richard Mazza

    By far the best bacon you will find anywhere! I received this as a gift and I thought bacon! Well little did I know I’ll definitely be a return customer! Great job.

  6. Doug Strahm

    We travel full time in our motorcoach and discovered Black Sheep Bacon during our time in eastern Ohio several years ago. Doesn’t matter where we are in the lower 48, we always order from Bill Strimbu so we never run out! Have even had friends pick us up a batch if they are passing through. Yes, for a bacon connoisseur it’s really that good! Thanks Bill!!

  7. Leslie Klinehamer

    The best bacon I’ve ever had! The spices along with the quality of the pork is top notch and house smells amazing after I cook it. 🙂

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