Bacon Subscriptions are the Way To Go for True Bacon Lovers

This one’s for the bacon connoisseurs! Do you eat, sleep, and breathe bacon? Are you always looking for a way to add bacon to breakfast, lunch or dinner? Are you continually dissatisfied with the so-called “gourmet bacon” from the grocery store? Don’t worry, there’s a cure for all of your bacon problems – a bacon subscription from Black Sheep Bacon (more…)

History Behind The Dry Cure Process

Bacon is everywhere. We eat huge amounts of it. We love it. We joke about it. We add it into every other food dish we possibly can, for no other reason than “because we can.” Sure, we cherish it, but do we really understand what makes good bacon so great? 

Curing meat, especially old-school bacon, is in a class all by itself, but what’s the secret behind its flavor, cooking properties and overall amazingness? It’s all in the history, of course…a process that has been perfected over (literally) thousands of years! (more…)