What’s Cookin?

– cook to perfection –

Our bacon is thick-cut, meaning you won’t want to wrap it around vegetables or meat as you would other thin-cut varieties. We recommend simply pan frying it, preferably in a wide cast iron skillet over medium heat. Arrange the bacon in a single layer in an unheated skillet, then place over the heat to aid in slowly melting the fat which will be the medium by which the meat can caramelize, achieving a golden crust on one side before gently flipping and doing the same on the other.

Black Sheep Bacon is best enjoyed just crisped to a honey brown color while still retaining some flexibility rather than cracking in half when bent. This allows for maximum caramelization of the sugars in the meat without burning them while also retaining a portion of the flavorful marbling that the Berkshire breed of hogs are famous for. Don’t have a skillet large enough to accommodate our hearty bacon?- no problem. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and arrange bacon slices in a single layer. Place into a 400-degree oven until just crisped and desired color has been reached.