Black Sheep Bacon subscription package being delivered.

Bacon Subscriptions are the Way To Go for True Bacon Lovers

This one’s for the bacon connoisseurs! Do you eat, sleep, and breathe bacon? Are you always looking for a way to add bacon to breakfast, lunch or dinner? Are you continually dissatisfied with the so-called “gourmet bacon” from the grocery store? Don’t worry, there’s a cure for all of your bacon problems – a bacon subscription from Black Sheep Bacon

Black Sheep Bacon’s subscription service isn’t your typical “bacon of the month club,” sending out bacon from some unknown producer every 30 days. Instead, our subscribers receive high-quality, dry cured bacon made from our own smokers…the way your great grandfather made it. Whether you call our stuff “artisan bacon” or “small batch,” all we know is that we manage to make the best bacon around!

The Black Sheep Bacon Difference

Our bacon is made the old fashioned way – pork bellies, smoke, salt, garlic, and maple sugar (plus a little time). Our smoker uses real split hickory wood so that those pork bellies receive just the right amount of flavor, and our bacon gets cut into slices that are thick enough to be satisfying and substantial (unlike the stuff you’ll find at your local supermarket). 

Our pre-cut bacon is packaged in a vacuum sealed pouch for freshness and so that it can go straight to the freezer for long term storage if not used right away. After all, there’s nothing wrong with having some backup bacon!

How often you receive our thick cut, delicious bacon is completely up to you! We have several options when it comes to subscription boxes. You can choose to receive four pounds of bacon every other week, a monthly delivery, every other month, or even quarterly. No matter what, we’ve got the right option so that you’re never out of the bacon you crave, whether you opt for a monthly bacon subscription or something a little more often!

Bacon Ideas to Complete Your Bacon Subscription!

Now that you’re bringing home the bacon, the question is: what’s the best way to eat it? 

We think that our bacon flavor stands on its own and we love to eat it right out of the skillet (ok, ok…maybe add in some scrambled eggs and homefries, too). When eaten by itself, you can truly appreciate its flavor profile and taste what we’ve accomplished. Plus, cooking is easy. There’s the classic method of using a pan or skillet, but we also suggest baking it in the oven!

When using the traditional cooking method, always start the bacon in a cold skillet so that some of the fat can melt out and it doesn’t burn. Patience is key! When it’s done to your liking, transfer to a plate with some paper towels so excess fat can be absorbed. 

If you opt for the baking route, then arrange your bacon on a pan lined with parchment paper and bake in a 400 degree oven for approximately twenty minutes (or until it’s as crispy as you prefer), and remove to a paper towel covered plate. Another old fashioned tip: save the bacon fat to use later! Enjoy! 

A Crispy, Delicious Bacon Conundrum

A special note to all the crispy bacon lovers out there: we know you prefer it cooked to a crackery crunch, but we think cooking Black Sheep Bacon until it’s super crispy makes it lose some of the delicate flavor. We recommend cooking until it’s just shy of crisp so you can still get the nuanced flavor of our bacon. 

What else can you do with your bacon? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! 

Of course, there are well-known classics like adding bacon to brussel sprouts or a good, old-fashioned BLT sandwich. But, what about something that’s off of the beaten bacon path? If you want to work bacon into a condiment, try making bacon guacamole! Or if you need an extra dose of bacon with your pancakes, you can make bacon butter! How about bacon as an ingredient in baked goods or dessert? Try bacon banana bread or peanut butter bacon cookies! There’s nowhere bacon can’t fit in!

The Best Gourmet Bacon Subscription Out There!

Black Sheep Bacon sets itself apart from other so-called “boutique” or “artisan” bacon producers. We dry cure our bacon using salt, instead of injecting our pork bellies with flavored brines, which means we’re not passing costs to our customers in the form of water weight. 

When you checkout and receive your first order of our bacon (whether you opt for a 12-month subscription or a gift box), you’re going to be hooked. Most other bacon makers, even the small ones, look for ways to cut time costs (and brine injection is a very typical cost- and time-saving move). Dry curing in salt, on the other hand, takes time and dedication, and we know you’ll be able to taste the difference!

Brine injection leads to a final product that’s bland and uninteresting, which is why you often see bacon dressed up with different flavors: apple cinnamon bacon, jalapeno bacon, apple pie bacon, cajun bacon…the list goes on and on. And, while we certainly agree that bacon is meat candy, Black Sheep Bacon doesn’t want to make bacon that tastes like a million other things! We got into the bacon business to make bacon taste like bacon, and that’s why you won’t find us adding in crazy flavors. We make bacon, period! 

You don’t have to be a bacon freak to get the most out of a bacon subscription from Black Sheep Bacon – you just have to appreciate great flavor. You’ll be jumping for joy with every bacon box that gets delivered to your door, we promise. Try your bacon subscription service from Black Sheep Bacon Company today!